How to care for your artwork

  1. Keep artwork out of direct sunlight. Your original painting is varnished to protect it however long exposure to sunlight is not advised.
  2. Do not lean anything against the surface of the canvas. If the painting is in storage lay it flat, in a well protected box with the corners reinforced.
  3. If required you can dust your original artwork gently with clean dry rag. Do not use cleaning products or water. 
  4. Hang artwork away from areas that may cause damage from cooking oils, smoke or water splashing. 
  5. Transport artwork gently, using a specialised art courier if required. Pack your painting in thick cardboard and bubble wrap, reinforcing the corners. Rough handling can damage both the painting and the frame so pack it securely
  6. Avoid exposure to extreme weather changes like excessive heat, humidity or cold. 
  7. Do not frame original artwork under glass. Canvas paintings need to breathe, glass will not allow for this.
  8. Do not store canvas long term in plastic. Use cotton instead. 
  9. Check the condition of your artwork regularly to avoid long term damage.